Rookie Party

Saturday 9 August 2014
13:00 - 15:00
By Kyle O'Neill
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That time of the year again folks!

Rookie Party!!

Same place as last year, Hickeys Funland @ Hespeler Rd (24) and Maple Grove. Very close to our clubhouse.

Rookie Draft will be this THURSDAY after practice right at the field!

Veteran Teams, you are responsible for supplying 1 Rookie Game for the night.

This will be a BYOB event, bring coolers, lots of beer! Please buy cans, they are much easier to clean up the next day and avoid broken glass.

Hickey will be manning a giant pot of corn over the fire and corn on the cob will be available for purchasing. $1 a cob.

Keep an eye to your e-mail for further details!

-Kyle O

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This is a past event