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Waterloo County Rugby 2023 - Mixed Ability Rugby

Waterloo County Rugby 2023 - Mixed Ability Rugby

Eric Ciezar20 Mar 2023 - 14:48
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Waterloo County is pleased to announce the opening of our new mixed ability rugby program open to all ages who want to try something new.

We are proud to offer a Mixed Ability Flag Summer Series! All ages are encouraged to join.

These flag rugby sessions will focus on FUN, and are ideal for :

  • anyone new to the sport / wanting to learn the game
  • any returning players who wish to avoid full-contact
  • any current players looking to develop their skills with more field time
  • any current members wanting to share the fun with their families

2023 Season Details

Join us at RIM Park (Field 1), accessible using the iXpress 202. Bring running shoes and a water bottle, cleats are optional.

$70 for the series; Free for players registering with another team for the 2023 season.

Sessions are Fridays from 6:30pm to 8pm:
May: 26th
June: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th
July: 7th

Save these dates!

On Thursday April 27th, during National Mixed Ability Sport week, Waterloo County Rugby will be hosting a Registration Session at Waterloo Public Library : Main Branch, 35 Albert St. This will run from 6:30-8:30 pm. Club information, and help with registering for the 2023 season will be provided.

At the end of the summer on Sunday July 30th, we plan to support the “All in cup” as spectators!

Supporting this series will help the club’s long-term goal of developing a full-contact Mixed Ability team. For an understanding of what that looks like, please consider watching one of the International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament (IMART) games linked here.

More about the Mixed Ability Sport model can be found below :

The Mixed Ability Model

Through Mixed Ability Sport all individuals have the opportunity to meaningfully
participate and engage in mainstream sport teams, as equal and valued members,
developing a sense of membership and belonging within the community.

Players with and without disabilities play together on the same team. Mixed
Ability Sport encourages social inclusion by welcoming players of all abilities into a
mainstream sport setting in their local community playing non-adapted sports.

Mixed Ability does not mean Mixed ‘disabilities’. The ‘Mixed’ in Mixed Ability
refers to the variety of abilities that are competing together. Mixed Ability does not
identify or classify participants based on their differences. Athletes participating in Mixed
Ability Sport are people with and without disabilities, experienced players, returning to
sport, first time athletes or someone increasing skills.

The Mixed Ability model focuses on creating a safe, supportive and welcoming
space for all individuals in the community, respecting and valuing the diverse
backgrounds and intersecting identities that make up the fabric of our communities.
Mixed Ability Sport allows for full inclusion not only for individuals with disabilities, but
also those returning to sport, those who are new to sport, and any individual in our
communities as equal, valued members of the club.

Health & Happiness

Sport has the power to transform lives making us healthier and happier, and yet there are people excluded or segregated because of stigma, prejudice or personal perceptions of their capability.

Equal Participation

Mixed Ability is a social movement within sports, actively promoting
inclusion and equality through a sense of belonging and membership to a group,
team or club.

Inclusion & Equality

Too often sport is seen as the prerogative of elite athletes or established
majorities. Grassroots sport can also be responsible for excluding minorities
allowing access only to charitable or segregated activities.

Rules & Regulations

Mixed Ability Sports follows the same rules and regulations of mainstream
sports without adaptations, and only minor adjustments to take into account
individual participant needs.

Membership & Belonging

Mixed Ability recognises the right of everyone to participate in community
sports without being separated, classified or labeled.

Breaking Down Barriers

In breaking down these barriers Mixed Ability Sport creates opportunities
for marginalised communities to challenge the established status quo and affirm
their right to equal participation.

Mixed Ability Flyer and Info Link

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